Supreme Legends USA provides top-notch customer service in addition to providing the highest quality billet aftermarket parts for your Harley or Metric cruiser. Here are a few testimonials from our satisfied customers.

Mike Voss & Alex Mardikian, Von Dutch Kustom Cycles

“We buy Supreme Legends USA Premium Forward Controls for their styling quality of workmanship, fit & finish. We absolutely recommend Supreme Legends USA products to any & all bike builders."

J. Fenshaw 11/22/08

"Bill, Thank you very much for the professional product and service after the sale. As you know the shifter fell off during a ride down the interstate. (Being the bike shops fault for not following instructions) It was friday morning when I called you and left you a message. You returned my call first thing in the morning your time out west. I explained what had happened and that I had a big bike event to go to on Saturday. You promised and had the shifter and other parts on my door step in Lakeland F. L. by 1:00 PM Saturday. I followed your detailed instructions and never had an issue again. The controls are top notch and I get a lot of compliments on them. They are very comfortable rider friendly. I will post pics soon as I just returned from Iraq. Again Bill Thank you very much and I will be doing business with you in the future".

TJ Johnson, Service Manager, Sound Harley Davidson

"Bill, Thanks again for all you and your people did to correct the forward control issue for our customer Debra B. You went way above and beyond what could have been expected from any manufacturer. Finding those older new parts and building a new obsolete part to satisfy this customer is amazing to me. I will recommend Supreme Legends to anyone looking for custom billet controls and other custom applications".

Gary B. 6/17/08

"Great customer service! I was having some problems with a master cylinder and spoke to the owner (Bill) directly. He was very helpful, returned phone calls quickly, and got directly involved with correcting the problem and getting me back on my bike. There are several companies out there making quality motorcycle products, but it is rare to find companies that stand behind their products and treat their customers with the honesty and respect Bill showed me. Not only did he work to fix the problem, he took the time to explain it to me. Good after-the-sale service is hard to find these days. New master cylinder looks and works great!"

Jeffrey Limbert, Springvale, Maine

A couple years ago, after being frustrated with other forward control manufacturers, I found Supreme Legends on the web. They had just come out with some forward controls for a Honda VTX 1300 which would allow a tall rider some comfort.

 Toward the end of last season, the shift lever started to slip which meant no changing the gears. I sent an email to Supreme Legends and was very surprised to receive a phone call the next day from one of the owners, Bill Rebensdorf. After a short conversation, Mr. Rebensdorf asked me to send the control back and he would look at it. He determined that the control was an older one and not up to his current quality control and replaced the shift lever, shift link and shift shaft. They even polished them up. He did this at his cost and sent them back. I had them so fast, Supreme Legends must have fixed them the day they received them and shipped them right out.

 Mr. Rebensdorf had enclosed a letter explaining what was done and thanking me for buying Supreme Legends controls. A few days after I received them, I received another email from Mr. Rebensdorf inquiring if was pleased with the results. My answer, yes most definitely. Supreme Legends has a very good quality product and excellent quality control. It is nice to know that companies will not only want to make money but actually care about the product they are selling and stand behind it to make sure each customer is satisfied with it. Any product riders buy for our bikes is to increase the enjoyment of every ride, and Supreme Legends seems to actually care about that enjoyment and pride.

D. Homsi, Sugarland, TX 6/23/08

I recently purchased a set of Hammerhead forward controls from Supreme Legends. After receiving the product I installed them, and WOW they looked great. However the controls were a bit hard for me to operate, what I mean by that is trying to get my legs around my air boxes was very difficult and it made the riding experience very much unsatisfactory. The bike that I own is a 2006 Yamaha Warrior, I love my bike and I love the controls but they were not quite functional for me.

 After spending good money on a great looking product I was a bit upset because I wanted to keep the controls but didn't know what the solution would be to make everything work the way it should.

 So I made a call back to Bill. Bill is one of the most knowledgeable guys I've spoken to when it comes to solving these types of problems in regards to motorcycles. He knows his products very well, and after explaining my issues Bill went to work on trying to resolve the problem.

 He'd explained that the design of the control was prior to his ownership, but that he'd heard that complaint before and was interested in fixing it once and for all.

Bill was very, very helpful and made the whole experience smooth. Personally I enjoy working with someone that actually knows what they're talking about, and has the know how to resolve problems in a speedy and efficient way. Bill ended up fabricating spacers(which he said will be available for all the new controls that go out) that not only looked great but fixed the problem better than what i had expected. I was very happy, and would recommend Supreme Legends to anyone interested in making aftermarket changes to there bikes. Thanks again Bill I'll never forget the great customer service I received from your company and look forward to doing business with you again.